General Services and Company

Hamish has been building websites since 2001, from humble beginnings updating online property listings with an Auckland real estate agency, to managing teams of developers on extensive corporate projects. Delivering high quality and affordable web design, working with small local businesses, the development process is more than just a website to us.

The studio is a full circle solution providing all the tools you need for success with your website and online sales.

You seem new, how can I ensure that I won’t get burned? was founded in 2014, developing online solutions for local small business in and around the Launceston region. Hamish got his start coding websites as a contractor for a bespoke high-end real estate agency in 2001, long before listing platforms and database-driven websites were commonplace. Currently Hamish is located in a Burnie home-office studio, employing two talented developers and a fantastic graphic designer who specialises in website UI/UX.

What type of service levels do you offer?

We stand by our attention to detail and rapid responses to contact requests. If you submit a contact or quote form, Hamish will respond within 2 business hours. Hamish is available to discuss your web design requirements via email, phone, live chat, slack, Trello, Discord, or your preferred communication platform. You will be speaking to a senior developer at all times.

Are you a good fit for my project?

Sometimes we are not best suited to achieve your desired goals or project specifications. The best way to move forward with your website is to have a chat with us, we value all enquiries - even those that we have to turn away or send to a better suited development studio.

I don’t have time to invest in my website. Can you create a brief and specifications?

Whilst Hamish is adept at interpreting client requirements into beautiful websites, if you do not have time now, it generally translates to not having time in future. We are happy to work with you, at your location, or meet regularly to relay the current project status. The most successful web design projects are the ones that have strong collaboration and communication.

We need to talk with some references before signing up. Can I have a client list?

Due to privacy concerns and signed non-disclose agreements, we are not able to provide direct client contact information at this time.

Will your team be able to handle our needs?

Hamish is very experienced and strong knowledge at all stages of the website design process, from billing to delivery. If there are potential roadblocks, we will be upfront and honest about the challenges ahead. We currently have a reliable network of contacts who can step in to solve complications or introduce a different set of skills, should there be the need for a fresh set of eyes.

Can you work with a company of our size or multiple levels of management and stakeholders?

The short answer is yes, Hamish can work around or within your internal staff, or operate as an onsite contractor to ensure efficiency and reduce project creep.

Why should we pick over your competitors?

The core of our website design ethos is doing what is best for our clients. We fight for the best result, not the easiest, and can be downright stubborn when it comes to building out the right solution with our years of expertise. Hamish is the best, and most qualified website designer in Tasmania, with the results to prove it.